The Lowdown on Exercise Bikes

There is no better way to get in shape or lose a few pounds in the comfort of your own home than using an exercise bike.

Well they are cheap, with a decent one that will last you for many years retailing for just a few hundred dollars these days; they are easy to use – everyone can use an exercise bike correctly, unlike other exercise equipment like rowing machines which require perfect technique for maximum effectiveness and to prevent injury; and you can sit down! I must admit that the ability to sit down and watch my favorite T.V. shows is what made me fall in love with exercise bikes in the first place.

Okay, so I’ve managed to persuade you that an exercise bike really is all that, but you might be unsure of what to look for. Let me help you out.


While purchasing an exercise bike with 5-10 built-in workout programs isn’t a necessity by any means, it is still something that I recommend. This is because these programs tend to be tailored around specific goals. For example, an exercise bike with 8 programs may have 2 weight loss programs, 2 stamina programs, 2 heat control programs, and 2 user customized programs, like the Diamondback Fitness 510Sr, Diamondback Fitness 910Sr , or Exerpeutic LX9. Other bikes, particularly spin bikes like the Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike, do not with any programs, on the other hand.

Computer Console

The computer console typically displays things like your workout information and allows you to change the settings on the bike. Therefore, it’s a good idea to purchase a bike that has a user-friendly computer console (Gold’s Gym Cycle Trainer 290, Gold’s Gym Trainer 110 or Livestrong LS9.9IC-2 ). One more thing is that it’s always nice to be able to see your heart rate as you exercise, particularly if you like working out in your target heart rate zone; therefore, purchase a bike with an accurate heart monitor if desired.


If you’re already in good shape and plan to keep it that way, then many of the cheaper exercise bikes on the market probably aren’t for you. This is because they often come with low resistance settings, which you may find too easy. Therefore, look to spend a bit more for a bike that comes with 15-20 resistance levels, or an infinite amount of resistance -Schwinn 430 -  when you’re looking at reviews of upright bikes or rowing machines.


Comfort is a very big factor when it comes to exercise bikes and other gym equipment like elliptical trainer reviews. If you dread using a bike because it hurts your backside then you simply won’t use it very often. Therefore, make sure that the bike’s seat is comfortable. If not, not all is lost as you can buy a gel seat cover cheaply nowadays. If you are really looking for the most comfortable workout experience available though, then there’s no two ways about it – purchase a recumbent bike as they are known for their comfort and are in fact used by people coming back from injury. A few good models include the Horizon Fitness M4  and Keiser M3 Plus Schwinn 120, Schwinn 140  and Schwinn 150.


Always make sure you check the warranty before you purchase an exercise bike (this goes for any high ticket item actually). If a manufacturer really believes in their exercise bike then they usually won’t hesitate to offer buyers a good warranty. A warranty often tells you more about an exercise bike than its specifications ever could. If you’re really set on a bike that doesn’t come with the best of warranties, however, then purchase an extended warranty from an independent company.

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